Authentic street food and laid-back vibe enhanced by custom signs

Custom front lit sign with metal accents

Sabroso! is a culinary gem that tantalizes the taste buds of the UK with its mouthwatering array of authentic Venezuelan street food. This new fast casual grab'n'go concept not only satisfies hunger but also embodies a witty and laid-back personality that adds an extra layer of charm to the brand.

Front lit signs illuminating the restaurant entrance with inviting warmth
Discover a unique dining experience centered on authenticity and high-quality products.
At the heart of Sabroso! lies a brand essence that revolves around the principles of happiness, healthiness, and high-quality products, coupled with open and friendly service. With Westfield London as its inaugural location, Sabroso! offers a unique dining experience where patrons have the opportunity to unleash their creativity and indulge in flavorsome arepas – a beloved childhood staple from the vibrant streets of Caracas.
Delicious and freshly made arepas, with a custom lit sign at the background
Savory and appetizing arepas, a treat for the taste buds
Indulge in the perfect fusion of aesthetics and functionality
In the quest to align with its vibrant and dynamic brand personality, Sabroso! has adorned its first site with eye-catching and lively design elements. The introduction of bright-colored terrazzo counters adds a touch of contemporary flair, perfectly blending aesthetics and functionality. These counters become focal points within the space, exuding energy and inviting customers to engage with the brand.
Vibrant front lit sign and eye-catching terrazzo counters, adding a pop of color to the space
Colorful terrazzo counters bringing energy and personality to the area
Embrace fun and personality with quirky and playful front lit signs
The overall design concept of Sabroso!'s first site is a testament to the brand's commitment to making a bold statement. Adding quirky messaging and playful front lit custom signage further contribute to the standout nature of the space, injecting a dose of fun and personality into every corner. These standout elements not only capture attention but also sets the stage for an immersive and memorable dining experience.
Front lit signs showcasing the restaurant's identity and inviting guests inside
Wallow in comfort and style. Combining aesthetic appeal and ultimate comfort
The seating options are meticulously selected to offer both comfort and aesthetic appeal. Plush chairs with padded seats and supportive backrests are carefully chosen to ensure diners can relax and savor their meal in utmost comfort. The materials and finishes of the seating are carefully curated to complement the overall design concept of the space, enhancing the visual appeal while maintaining functionality.
Sophisticated and modern dining area offering a pleasant ambiance
Embark on a visual adventure at Sabroso!'s first site.
These captivating visuals create a sense of wanderlust and add an element of adventure to the dining environment. Sabroso!'s first site truly embodies the essence of the brand, creating a vibrant and inviting space where customers can enjoy the delicious flavors of Venezuelan street food in a setting that is as visually captivating as it is delectable.
Mouthwatering food filled with savory goodness, a gastronomic experience
Delightful and flavorsome menu, a must-try for food enthusiasts