Playful fusion of power and sweetness elevated by a custom retail sign

3D illuminated retail sign of power-tool inspired ice cream shop

In the heart of Athens, Greece, a delightful and unconventional ice cream store awaits, beckoning all ice cream enthusiasts and adventure-seekers alike. Welcome to Spoild, a jackhammer inspired Ice Cream store, where an unexpected fusion of power and sweetness comes to life. This themed ice cream shop boasts a captivating interior design, with blue-colored walls, a contrasting yellow ceiling, and bubble-pink doors. At the heart of it all stands a mesmerizing 3D-built logo sign at the entrance, accompanied by flat cut graphic lettering within the retail interior and tile counter. Join us as we step into this unique world, where power tools meet the joy of indulging in delectable frozen treats.

Eye-catching 3D built sign at the entrance of the ice cream shop.

Vibrant colors capturing the essence of a playful ice cream experience

Upon entering Spoild, guests are greeted by a burst of colors that set the tone for the playful experience ahead. The blue-colored walls create a sense of depth and richness, reminiscent of the power and strength of a jackhammer. Contrasting with the blue, the vibrant yellow ceiling adds an element of cheerfulness and energy, symbolizing the sunny warmth of summer days.

The playful and vibrant pink hue at the door embodies the joy of indulging in creamy and delectable ice cream treats, evoking childhood memories and carefree days.

Jackhammer-inspired ice cream shop facade with bold and vibrant colors

Exterior view of an ice cream shop resembling a jackhammer design element.

Custom retail sign and Flat cut lettering's beckon with whimsical charm.

The centerpiece of Spoild is its stunning 3D-built logo sign prominently displayed at the entrance. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the sign features a dynamic representation of a jackhammer, skillfully blending power tool elements with a whimsical touch. The sign is illuminated to create a captivating visual effect, drawing customers from afar and enticing them to enter this one-of-a-kind ice cream haven.

3D built logo sign welcomes visitors to the shop

3D built sign serves as a delightful background for customer photos

Inside the shop, flat cut graphic lettering adorns the retail interior and the tile counter. These powerful words celebrate the joy of indulgence and adventure, encouraging customers to embrace the unique experience offered by its jackhammer theme. Each letter is crafted with precision, complementing the power tool theme while also embodying the sweetness of ice cream escapades.

Decorative flat cut lettering adorning the ice cream tile counter

Captivating retail sign, bold colors and innovative design create a memorable adventure

The interior design of Spoild seamlessly blends playful power tool elements with the sweetness of ice cream indulgence. The innovative use of colors, materials, and captivating signage elevates the entire ice cream experience, making it a memorable adventure for customers of all ages.

Jackhammer-themed accents creating a playful atmosphere in the ice cream shop

Decorative jackhammer design on the ice cream machine

Spoild stands as a testament to creativity and innovation, where the unexpected fusion of power and sweetness comes to life. At the heart of the store stands the mesmerizing 3D-built logo sign, captivating visitors and inviting them into a world of adventure. With flat cut graphic lettering and innovative tile counter further reinforcing the power tool theme, Jackhammer Ice Cream offers a unique and delightful ice cream escapade. Step into this whimsical wonderland where power meets sweetness, and indulge in the joy of ice cream like never before.

 Interior decor featuring jackhammer-inspired designs in the ice cream shop

Unique and creative ice cream store facade with illuminated 3D built sign


Photography by | Alina Lefa, Studiomateriality