Indulgence and Imagination: Enchanting custom sign of Voila Patisserie

Flat cut golden metal sign at Voila

In the heart of the city, where the aroma of freshly baked pastries fills the air, stands a patisserie that ignites the senses and sparks the imagination. Welcome to Voila Patisserie, a haven of culinary delights and artistic wonders. Step inside and be transported to a world where ceiling-to-floor wall art, exposed ventilation, marble top counters, and a whimsical giraffe statue holding an elegant chandelier come together in a symphony of elegance and creativity.

Brightly lit patisserie showcasing a variety of cakes and desserts on elegant marble counters

An immersive world of artistry adorned with exquisite angelic wall art.

The moment you step into The Patisserie, you are captivated by an immersive world of artistry. Every inch of wall space is adorned with exquisite ceiling-to-floor wall art that celebrates the beauty of mesmerizing angels - celestial beings that symbolize serenity and grace. The delicate brushstrokes and heavenly depictions add an element of spiritual wonder, making every visit to the patisserie feel like a journey into a celestial realm.

Wall art of angels adorning the interior of a patisserie

Angelic wall art adding a touch of elegance to the patisserie's decor

Embracing Industrial Chic: Exposed Ventilation and Light Panels

The patisserie takes pride in its industrial chic design. Exposed ventilation and light panels play a key role in this artistic vision. The exposed elements not only add an edgy and contemporary touch but also serve as a reminder of the artistry that goes into the culinary creations. Softly glowing light panels create an ambiance of warmth and comfort, inviting patrons to savor their delectable treats in a cozy setting.

Interior of a patisserie with exposed vents, adding an industrial touch to the ambiance.

Marble top counters stage the colorful array of pastries, enticing patrons to indulge.

Voila patisserie takes great pride in presenting its mouthwatering-delicacies in an elegant manner. Marble counters serve as a luxurious stage for the colorful array of pastries, cakes, and confections. The smooth and sleek marble surfaces enhance the allure of the delicacies, enticing patrons to indulge in the visual beauty before savoring the delectable flavors.

Product display of pastries on elegant marble counters, showcasing delicious treats in a sophisticated setting

Product display of pastries on elegant marble counters, showcasing delectable treats.

Playfulness meets sophistication with a whimsical centerpiece

As you explore the patisserie, a delightful surprise awaits you - a huge, almost life-sized giraffe statue gracefully holds an elegant chandelier. This whimsical centerpiece captures the imagination of both young and old, adding a touch of playfulness to the refined ambiance. The giraffe's presence symbolizes the patisserie's commitment to blending sophistication with childlike wonder.

Life-sized giraffe statue holding a majestic chandelier, adding a whimsical touch to the decor.

Life-sized giraffe sculpture holding a stunning chandelier, creating a captivating focal point in the space

Promoting Brand Identity: The Flat Cut Metal Sign

To reinforce its brand identity, The Patisserie proudly displays a flat cut metal sign of its name. Positioned strategically at focal points, the sign becomes a captivating visual anchor that welcomes visitors and exudes the essence of the patisserie. Surrounding floor lights highlight the sign, elevating it to a luminous symbol of the establishment's culinary expertise and artistic flair.

voila_11Elegant flat cut metal sign with the patisserie's name, showcasing a sophisticated and modern branding element

Sleek metal sign displaying the patisserie's logo, adding a touch of refined aesthetics to the interior

A Gastronomic Wonderland of Art and Flavor

The interiors of Voila Patisserie offer a truly enchanting experience where art, flavor, and imagination come together. The ceiling-to-floor wall art immerses you in a world of visual wonder, while the exposed ventilation and light panels add an industrial chic touch to the ambiance. Marble top counters add an element of sophistication and elevates the presentation of delectable treats, enticing visitors to indulge in an array of flavors.

Beautifully arranged pastries on a luxurious marble counter, creating an irresistible feast for the eyes

Minimalist metal sign with the patisserie's name, complementing the interior's contemporary chic design

Custom metal sign highlighting the patisserie's name, creating a unique and memorable impression


Fit-out and finish | Taj Design

Photography | Nour El Refai |  @nourelrefai